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The sexiest person I know. He constantly makes you laugh and smile. One word from him, and your day is made. Any girl would be lucky to have him. He's super sweet, caring and understanding. Even though his giggles sound like a donkey orgasm, they're pretty cute. He should give up Xbox though, he's horrible at it :P
Girl 1: Ew who is that
Girl 2: Who?
Girl 1: That emo kid over there
Girl 2: >:o Hey that's Prentice
Girl 1 What kind of a name is that...
Girl 2: A cute one
Girl 1: Do you like him or something?
Girl 2: He's my baby daddy
by Guess :D January 17, 2013
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To overanalyze a situation, comment or turn of phrase and the resulting retort or explanation pointing out the flaws produces an awkward silence or kills the conversation completely.
Mike and i were joking about people getting killed by frozen pee falling from aeroplanes and Bob prentice'd it.
by dark herald February 04, 2010
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A Jamaican word which means one who pretends to be real and carries news to girl after eavesdropping
Di bwoy a prentice from long time
by Jadumplin January 20, 2019
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