Also known as breadlibers and duckliebers are the most hated fan-base in the entire world. They have their own Wikipedia page, broke the Guinness Record and own about 86% of Twitter. People are saying that they are obsessed with Justin Bieber (their idol) but in reality they just want to help Justin become more successful.

Not only that but people are also judging the ENTIRE fan-base based on maybe 1-10 people's actions.
I myself am a belieber just trying to get the respect we all deserve but I do agree with some of those people... Beliebers can be a bit... overreacting.

Here's something to the 29 million beliebers :Kill them with KINDNESS
by Crystals October 20, 2012
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A retard who thinks that Justin Bieber has actual talent and is incapable of understanding that she is useless to mankind and a disgrace to music.
by deezjewnuts May 17, 2010
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A 12-year-old fan girl who believes that Justin Bieber has talent. They also are incapable of pronouncing the letter "v" in believe, believer etc.
Normal person: "I believe!"
Belieber: "No you don't, you belieb!"
by ohaifreak August 18, 2010
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To have an extreme case of mental vacancy. Common symptoms include OBD (obsessive bieber disorder). In extreme cases the affected individual will randomly orgasm when hearing the words: "Justin Bieber". It is believed that this disease was created in a laboratory in exchange for a Justin Bieber believe album. We would recommend dealing with patients by punching them in the face, this has the common side effect of shutting them up.
Person 1:"Justin Bieber"
Person 2(Belieber): (starts orgasming)
Person 3: (punches Person 2 in the face)
by nemokoccultus January 22, 2015
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A fanbase of psychotic, perverted, close-minded, slutty 13 year olds that worship Justina Beaver like she’s God and act like she’s the hottest, most precious thing to ever grace the Earth. They will usually cover up every bad thing she does by saying they’re just rumours when she was caught doing 95% of them on camera and if you say anything even remotely critical about their idol, they’ll start sending you death threats.
I heard that if Justina was to shoot somebody, she’d still have Beliebers kissing her ass.
by The only name not in use July 28, 2018
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