A belieber is a person who believes on Justin Bieber when every one else thinks he will fail.
John: I don't think Justin Bieber is going to last when his voice changes in a few years.
Sue: I think your wrong Justin Bieber will only get better.
John: You're such a belieber
by <3 ......>:] August 02, 2010
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1) (genuine belieber) A tragic waste of an existence; cannot deal with the hard parts of life, and so proceeds to stalk the first whiny non-talent they can get their talons into. Justin Beiber is one of the most famous, and so has the greatest of these followings; hence the name Belieber. Mostly whiny teenage girls who squeal and giggle, often hysterically, all the time for no apparent reason, and have yet to find any decent music to listen to.
2) (peer pressure Belieber) Is afraid that their shallow, sadistic "friends" will ditch them if they don't follow a certain musician till death. Often despises said "friends" but desperately wants to feel popular, and so hangs out with these wannabe psychopathic mentalists. Usually in High school.
1) Person 1: NOOO!
Person 2: What's wrong?
Person 2: My god....
Person 1: When will the madness end?!?!
Person 2: I don't know... but we have to hang on to hope; never give up, and a way out will present itself
Person 1: How can there possibly be a way out?!
Person 2: There will be.
2) I want to be popular, but my so-called friends won't like me if I don't kowtow to their interests. I know; I'll become a Belieber!
by Trollbeast August 10, 2012
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1. A Person who worships Justin Bieber.
2. A Person who is obsessed with Justin Bieber.
3. A Hypocrite.
4. A Person with a very low IQ.

5. A Very annoying freak.
6. A Person who is infected with a deadly disease called "Bieber Fever".
7. An Idol Worshiper.
Belieber: Stop hating.
Disbelieber: Don't tell me what to do.
Belieber: No. You are going to stop hating.
Disbelieber: You will never get me to stop hating.

Belieber: Selena, I hate you. Go to Hell.
Disbelieber: You just told me to stop hating and yet, you go on hating others. You are such a Hypocrite.
by Bieber Hater 009023748 September 28, 2013
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A fan of Justin Bieber that has a taste of music similar to that of the flavor of cow feces. Any believer of Justin Bieber have an IQ that creates a new category in the IQ chart below Profound Mental Retardation and is a negative number or beyond.

Beliebers tend to despise men, haters of Justin Bieber, and have a daily habit of collecting anything that is relevant to Justin. They will deny anything a hater says and will only love Justin Bieber.

Scientists say that beliebers are a sign that the world will end. How this is so is that beliebers will spread their lethal disease known as "Bieber Fever" to other women, which would cause divorce, conversion of sexuality into being a lesbian, dreams of Justin Bieber, and lack of the natural ability to search and mate with males. Then, the beliebers will attempt to go to Justin Bieber, in which she may reject, thus causing suicide from big fans of Justin. This will heavily reduce the human population and thus cause the collapse of civilization and the extinction of the human species.

The only way to prevent this worst-case scenario is by murdering Justin Bieber, which will cause the current beliebers to commit suicide and to prevent the spread of Bieber Fever, thus saving the future generations and bringing the end of the horrible pandemic.
Belieber: I love Justin Bieber.
Boyfriend of belieber: *facepalm*
Belieber: What?
Boyfriend: I can't believe you became a lesbian now!
by Metalhead34 February 17, 2011
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A mental illness that usually begins around age 10-13 and will usually go away by age 21. It is the only mental illness that is contagious and seems to occur frequently in people who have severe hearing loss, are gay or are pedophiles. There has been some success in curing disease by exposing infected individuals to music and other art forms that are of some actual value, quality, and talent. Another effective but very controversial treatment is truth therapy where the infected individual is let in on the secret that Bieber is actually a female cat that was involved in a severe accident during secret testing at area 51.
It is so sad watching this Belieber disease destroy the youth... it's worse than polio, aids or even Leo Sayer.
by saharadryhumor March 14, 2014
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