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A Hot, Sexii, bieberlicious, cute, nice, sweet caring, loving, bubbly, outgoing amazing singer. Favorite color purple from Stratford, Ontario, Canada.
"And I was like Baby, baby, baby, ohhh" -Justin Drew Bieber Baby ft. Ludacris
by Sprinkleslubsyew October 31, 2011
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Justin is an inspirational 17 year old boy. He doesn't sing songs ONLY about girls and love! He also sings songs about things that actually matter in this world, for example, the song 'Pray'. Other examples of songs that aren't about girls are
'Down to Earth'
'Born to be Somebody'
'Momma's Boy'

His fans are teenage girls between the ages 12 - 17, and there a few male fans too that are inspired by Justin Bieber's work and aim to be just like him one day.

'I close my eyes, and I can see a better day. I close my eyes, and pray'

figure 1: I love this song so much, Justin Drew Bieber is such an inspirational person'

figure 2: I know! I love him so much and I love what he is doing for this world'

<3 <3 <3 <3 Justin Drew Bieber <3 <3 <3 <3
by JBIEBBZZZ 4EVA March 14, 2011
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