A name given to obsessive fans of Justin Bieber
Belieber 1: 'OMB! I love Justin Bieber!'
Belieber 2: 'I think i'm a Belieber!'
by SwagSwagSwagOnYou February 02, 2014
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A Belieber is someone who will always be there for Justin Bieber. Through thick and thin. They support Justin till the day they die. They use common words such as "BieberBlast" to get Justin's music to the number 1 charts. Beliebers love Justin. They respect him and admire him in many ways possible that its hard to imagine. They stand up for him against haters and will always defend him.
Me: I just saw a swan....It's a belieber thing.
by (@BHBPhoenix) October 12, 2011
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To have an extreme case of mental vacancy. Common symptoms include OBD (obsessive bieber disorder). In extreme cases the affected individual will randomly orgasm when hearing the words: "Justin Bieber". It is believed that this disease was created in a laboratory in exchange for a Justin Bieber believe album. We would recommend dealing with patients by punching them in the face, this has the common side effect of shutting them up.
Person 1:"Justin Bieber"
Person 2(Belieber): (starts orgasming)
Person 3: (punches Person 2 in the face)
by nemokoccultus January 22, 2015
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Adj. A word commonly used to describe the support and adoration for teen sensation Justin Bieber. It describes a large group of people between the ages of 3 to 28. Beliebers always belieb in Justin Bieber and all he has to offer.
Justin Bieber's 5,767,864 fans on Twitter are proud Beliebers, and you can be too. By the end of his show, song, or video Justin Bieber will have you beliebing as well.
by Anne Manroe October 18, 2010
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Fans of Justin Bieber, the amazing singer.

People who believe in Justin Bieber,
Belieb = Believe in the Bieb :)
OMB, I love Justin Bieber, I'm a huge Belieber !
by BieberLover <3 June 26, 2010
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One who worships Justin Beiber, hence belieber.
Our God Justin Bieber teaches us so many things. His story is real and more people should respect him. Beliebers will be here till the day we die. We Love Justin Drew Bieber.♥ Forever And Always.
by GirlAnonymous December 03, 2012
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A fan of Justin Beiber, the teeny-bopper pop "artist" who spits on his fans and drag races for fun. Beliebers are more than fans, they are crazy, rabid, 12 year old girls who faint at his concert and etch their idol's name into their arm frequently. Usually associated with Directioners.
Person 1: Dude! That little girl just slapped me... I was listening to my earbuds, and it wasn't Justin Beiber music, so she slapped me.

Person 2: You mean the one over there with "I heart JB" scribbled on her forehead? Oh yeah. She's a Belieber.

Person 1: Yikes...
by OnlyJustAPerson October 04, 2015
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