To mention someone who you haven't seen in a while. Particularly someone you(and others) don't wish to see.
First girl: "I haven't seen crazy crack-y Jackie in a while."

Second Girl: "SSSSSSHHHHHH.. Don't beetlejuice, her, I don't want her showing up here!!!"
by hairjedi June 18, 2008
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a cracked out midget with the most messed up teeth ever. goatizzles role model
beet with friends and a stripper for two bucks!
by bo/krunk October 05, 2003
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A fat African-American man with messed up teeth, he is 3 feet, 2 inches and is also known as Siyani. His street fighting move is called the Siyani-Grab. This is where he takes his hand and grabs the opponents Testicles until they rip off.
" Dude Beetle Juice is one small retarted midget, he smells awful."
by Sausage April 09, 2005
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2008 Grammy/Oscar winner. A retarded midget known from his appearances on the Howard Stern show.
Would be a millionaire rap star today if only he could hustle crack out of some girl's panties. Also see "Ja Rule" and "50 Cent".
Beetlejuice, get out there sell some rocks. You gonna be a big star man. You kick all their asses man!
by Wigga May 13, 2003
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Antics that you do or say is not the ordinary in other words crazy mentally not stable.
Yo I got this friend that's beetlejuice he just says the wrong things at the wrong time.
by Kick5k February 04, 2010
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1. Vampire food, and also god food (see soma)
2. semen(derived from the phrase beat it), also called cum
3. blood(derived from a beating heart); alternatively the blood of christ.
4. the guts of dead beetles - specifically scarab beetles which are a form of dung beetles(this is an anal sex reference
5. an abstract term for drum beats, specifically lound ones such as those coming from a boom box.
6. a cartoon character
7. in its original form, betelgeuse, it is a star representing the right arm of Orion, the high preyst/hunter (his other arm is called bellatrix, another masturbation joke). in astrology, it is the marker star for the 6th lunar mansion: "Moon in Gemini". Astrologers will joke and call this a "shooting star".
8. In the catholic church, if you drink this you have been beatified, which means blessed.
9. it is often associated with the boogie man
10. another word for he-brew
11. in greek culture, it is known as the river stix
12. another name for benjamin, derived from "son of my right hand"
The second time Joe came, there was beetlejuice all over his chest. All the catholics quickly drank it up as it is their favorite drink.
by killacowmakeabooger September 25, 2011
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