A astronomy term, a collection of stars that form 'bettlejuice'
At night you can see Bettlejuice.
by Bob L July 03, 2003
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a person who runs like a beetle on steriods with their back hunched over at 5 km/h
Omg look at that kid he is such a beetle juice (joshua brown)
by Mrs Bridgeman December 11, 2007
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to do a beetle juice (record a paris hilton style tape)

a beetle juicer (someone who stars in a beetle juice style video)

to be beetle juiced (to unexpectadly stumble upon a tape of beetle juice nature)
by Amy Watling August 22, 2004
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similar to sweatanuts
someone whos stupid and annoying
"yo stop being such a beetlejuice"
by Leigh February 20, 2003
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He's daddy. He's fucking smexy and sonekendgsjwbsjdbd oml yes! Beetlejuice is my daddy! My master! He can fuck my hole!
Beetlejuice: *breathes*
Me: hUAAAH *orgasm*
Beetlejuice: *lenny face*
by Beetlejuiceisdaddy October 13, 2019
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Beetlejuice is a freaken sexy king an he is God himself an he can beat anyone in a fight an he's so talented an he is not a simp
Beetlejuice is friken magestic
by Ksi=King July 03, 2020
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