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A hilarious sequel to the 2000 comedy hit Scary Movie. The story continues with the survivors from the original movie and some new casts who are tricked by college professors to go to the haunted house. Crazy things happen in the haunted house. This movie is a spoof of The Haunting, The Exorcist, Poltergeist, and many other movies.
Shorty is funny as hell. Ray is also funny. Without the pothead Shorty and the confused gay guy Ray, you can't continue the series. I bet Scary Movie 3 sucks!
by sagzag February 04, 2004
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(N.) The best Scary Movie of all three in the Horror-Movie Spoofing Trilogy.
Oh, if only SM3 was as good as Scary Movie 2. And where the hell were the Wayan Bros. at in SM3? Hosting an MTV awards show?
by G-Union November 06, 2003
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