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The term "Beer and Dick" was created maybe by the master of the field Dean, A member of the highly distinguished group of the Guilo Crew at BUS and RV consisting of Chris , Matt , Lewy and of course Dean and Steve.

Other randoms come and go but never make it into the "A" team because their shit and we hate them.
We are all mad cunts and love beer and dick and some time fanny's are disgusting depending how many km's they have on them.
Some anecdotes include, Forby, Ya shit and i hate ya, Dave Dave, you're a shit cunt, Rohans mum,

can you buy me a drink i owe the lunch truck lady like 80 bucks , ETC...................
Long after we leave this little shop we will never forget the times at the Guilo and the times it kept us sane.
Man this place is Like Beer and Dick
by Now hang on a minute February 12, 2010
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