a game tht is most oftenly confused with that of beiruit by retards. beer pong still consists of 4 people, some cups, and some beer. 2 players to a team, and two cups per team, one in each corner. the game is played like regular ping pong. except when the other team scores on you, you have to drink, also if they get it into one of the cups you have to drink. Sound stupid? So do you when you say beerpong but mean beiruit.
bob: hey is there gonna be beerpong at that party tonight?

greg: no you dumbass, but there will be beiruit.

bob: oh good, thats so much better.
by kyles89 January 24, 2010
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Beer Pong. As witnessed in a San Leandro, CA garage.
Ping Pong with full (opened or unopened, player's choice) cans of beer on each corner of the table.
Play. Since a ping pong ball strike is not normally enough to upset a full beer can, when your opponent hits a can on your side, and they score (note: the can is a "paddle" of yours, thus the can "hit" the ball and if it fails to clear the net on your opponent’s side, they score. In rare cases a hard and direct enough hit may cause the can to volley the ball over the net sucessfully. This event is usually cheered by all), you must consume the entire beer in the un-opened variation. In the open can game, simply take a chug and replace the can on the corner.

Warning: in open can games, a ping-pong ball CAN spill partially full beers. In the case a beer is wasted in this manner, the player who failed to catch and save the contents of the falling can must consume an entire can from their opponent's side, and must make the fridge run to replace to spilled beer. Open can games are best played with very cheap beer.
I always play beer pong with COORS, so if waste few, no one really cares. Try the "Silver Bullets" - they're taller and can sometimes score for you!
by oranzok May 02, 2006
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A game of skill that consists of 12 cups of beer and a ping pong ball. The object is to throw the ball into all the other teams cups across the table, before they get their ball in yours first. If you get the ball in the cup the other team has to "chug" that beer.
This game has been mastered by a team known only as The Franchise!!!
I played Beer Pong for sooo long last night that I blacked out and woke up wearing a tootoo and my cock was jammed in the light socket!!!!
by Beefstick January 06, 2003
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A game in which there are 10 red cups in a pyramid on each side of a table. 2 teams of 2 throw ping pong balls into the Red cups and must finish making all the cups before the other team. You must make ALL ten cups to claim victory.
RHM and JJP suck at beer pong!
by Boura November 24, 2018
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