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The Tuesday following a holiday Monday. Feels like Monday, but is actually a Tuesday. Can totally fuck your week up and cause you to miss meetings and piss off your friends.
I missed an appointment today because my subconscious was convinced it was Monday, when it was actually Muesday.
by niftydog January 28, 2008
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Describes a girl with a bum that's so sexy that makes your mouth water.
spectacularse should be spoken with syllabic emphasis;

GARY: <drool>
LARY: ZOMG! That chick is spec-tac-ul-arse!
GARY: Could you pass me a tissue please? Actually, better make it two, thanks Lary.
LARY: Jesus wept, Gary! Keep it in your pants!
by niftydog September 16, 2008
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And exclamation of disgust uttered immediately after you cop a whiff of something that curls your nose hairs.
Poo-whiff, Barry, better lay-off the beans, old son!
by niftydog May 13, 2007
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To be pinched on the bum by a mischievous spirit.
Brad: Holy shit! What was that all about dude?
Corey: What?
Brad: You just pinched my buttocks, dude, WTF?
Corey: WHAT? No I fuckin' didn't!
Brad: Oh, right, so you're saying I've just been poltergoosed!?
Corey: Huh?
Brad: C'mon Corey, everyone knows you have the hots for me, just admit it and stop blaming paranormal activity for your constant inappropriate advances.
by niftydog November 28, 2007
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Homer Simpson - as spoken by baby Bart in "Lisa's First Word" episode 9F09.
Bart: Homer!
Homer: Homer is what grown-ups call me. Call me Daddy.
Bart: Homer!
Homer: Daddy!
Bart: Homer!
Homer: Daddy!
Bart: Da- Da- Da
Homer: Yes?
Bart: Domer!
Homer: Why you little...!!!
by niftydog May 02, 2007
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The stench of stale beer. Most often experienced the morning after a party. Is also encountered in the keg room of respectable bars, or ubiquitously in dives.
Poo-whiff! beer pong!
by niftydog May 13, 2007
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