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A variation of traditional college Beer Pong (aka Beirut) designed for an uneven number of players. With 6 or 10 (or however many you want) solo cups on each side, the game is played 1 v. 1 with all other players starting on the sideline. As soon as a cup is made, the recipient of the made cup retires to the sideline with his/her cup full* of beer, and the next in line steps in to take the loser's place. Possession goes immediately back to the maker of the cup. No re-racking mid-turn. Two (2) re-racks are allowed per side. The game ends when one player makes the final cup on one of the sides. No redemptions. Additional rules: Rollbacks must be thrown behind the back. No bouncing (that's for pussies). Cups must be drained before taking a shot. House rules are always applicable and can alter aforementioned rules. *Full beers are not necessary, though preferred.
Despite the fact that I sank every cup, that uncoordinated buffoon won Canadian Beer Pong because his last shot happened to bounce off of a wounded soldier into the last cup.

Hey guys! Michael's being a lame-ass tonight so we only have 3 people willing to have fun. Let's play Canadian Beer Pong!

Hey bros! It's a Monday and I don't want to do my work. Let's play Canadian Beer Pong with full beers and get bananalated.
by Hullabahoos October 18, 2010

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