A statement used to let someone know that they've said something that is undesirable to your hearing.

"Beep beep beep" is the sound that a cell phone makes when someone hangs up on you.
Steve: I like to walk around the house naked all the time.

Me: Beep beep beep.
by Steve Vanlindsdale June 18, 2009
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The onomatopoeia representation of someone's gaydar going off.

Note: This term is frequently used as a flame on message boards however; it's usage as an oral taunt is gaining popularity.
Guy 1: Hey, check out that dude's shirt. He must work out.
Guy 2: (stares blankly at friend) *Beep Beep Beep*
Guy 1: Fuck off.
by Qual April 25, 2006
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1.Lots and lots of curse and bad words
2.On t.v. shows when they say a curse or bad word it has a beep sound and when he/she say it 3 times in a row that's beep beep beep
by Big freak michael March 10, 2007
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To ask someone to repeat something which needs clarification.
Jerry: She said there's some tractor story that she hasn't told me about.

George: Woah, back it up, back it up, Beep! Beep! Beep! Tractor story?

Jerry: Beep, beep, beep? What are you doing?
by Dick Armey October 20, 2006
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boyfriend from friday night funkin says this when lemon demon tells him he will eat his girlfriend
lemon demon: and then im gonna eat your girl friend

bf: boop beep beep bap beep boop bap booop beeeeeep
by Hehe I cheated March 17, 2021
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Term said when a mates girlfriend who is often from the ginger origin is in the proximity of 10 metres.
Lewis doesn’t like it when his friends beep beep beep his girlfriend.
by Adamg234 October 07, 2021
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