A term used to categorize a female of substantial size and weight. Unlike your standard run of the mill fat girl, Beefers avoid whale-status by engaging in minor physical activities such as running on the treadmill in ten minute intervals, erotically dancing at frat parties, and vigorously waving their arms as they bitch about their relationships (or lack thereof). Beefers travel in herds (also known as beef stampedes) and can reduce a solid B+ party to a C- in as little time as it takes to fit them all through the front door.
Rob: Hey man, is that party worth stopping by for?
Steve: Hell yeah man, theres so much booze its redic- ....Wait, fuck, nevermind a beef stampede just rolled through. Beefers on beefers in this bitch now. FUCK!
Rob: Be there in ten.
by DirtyMikeNDaBoyz December 14, 2014
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Noun. Large hairy men who take off their shirts and "belly buck" each other in a ring. Very similar to Sumo wrestling, but for homosexual redneck men.
Look at those two beefers belly-bucking. One of them has his pants hanging down. I can see his ass-crack. God, beefers turn me on!
by El Duce November 06, 2004
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to crack-ass with substance
After eating three plates of jalepeno nachos, Jack ripped a beefer.
by disco July 29, 2003
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1. A guy or girl who is WAY too muscular/large/tall for their own good.
2. A goodlooking guy (tall, muscular).
1. HOLY SHIT! That chick on the softball team is a frieken BEEFER! Watch out!
2. Daaaaamn dude he's a beefer...hook it up.
by Andrea August 07, 2004
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These are not just regular fat kids. They are fat, athletic men on the offensive line who can turn and run at any moment, skip pull and ram with the utmost efficiency, and rub a little nasty on their opponent (i.e. Tea-bag). Some may call beefers by another alias which is willmanites. The select few in this brotherhood are joined together by one name, the Beefer Nation. The 2008 offensive linemen for the Permian high school football team are the original founders of the Beefer Nation, and therefore have the privilege to elect other people as beefers.
Man did you see all those beefers?!....No those are just fat kids...
by DasPfloog52 November 12, 2010
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Aww Man, ya shudda seen the beefer I just laid in the dunny... Rippah!!
by Gerry December 02, 2004
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