21 definitions by Devveyovich

A girl's vagina. This name applies because many people think that a vagina, like the Magic Kingdom, is the happiest place on earth.
After going out with my girlfriend for a month, she finally let me insert my rod into her Magic Kingdom.
by Devveyovich June 11, 2007
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Old definition: The family of chokers. As of 2005, nobody from the Manning Family had ever even appeared in a Super Bowl, let alone won one.

New definition: The family that took ownership of the New England Patriots from Bob Kraft.
The Manning family, namely Eli and Peyton, has pwnage of the New England Patriots now, as both have beaten them on the way to winning Super Bowls. Nobody can make fun of them for being chokers anymore.
by Devveyovich July 10, 2008
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Someone who, while on AIM, constantly copies parts of their IMs with certain people and pastes them to others. Like in real life, the big mouth will rat people out when they talk about someone else, only this time it's online rather than through spoken words.
My brother is the biggest AIM big mouth in the world. Every time I talk about someone, he has to copy and paste that excerpt of our conversation and send it to them. One day, he will pay for this.
by Devveyovich September 10, 2008
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An alternate term for premature ejaculation. Based off of the penalty in football where an offensive player moves after being set but before the snap.
I wanted to have sex with that girl but I committed a false start during foreplay, so it ended up not happening.
by Devveyovich December 24, 2017
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1. (n) A really bad poker player. Someone who doesn't know how to play the game very well and therefore plays a lot of muck hands.

2. (v) To lose a hand of poker to someone who plays an awful hand but somehow gets really lucky and hits their cards.

3. (n) Someone who sucks at their trade.
1. That stupid donk just went all in with 2/7 off, I'm glad he was eliminated from the tournament.

2. I just got donked to hell when some idiot with Jack high bet into my trip Queens and ran a flush.

3. Reche Caldwell is a donk; he dropped two easy passes that cost the New England Patriots four points and, eventually, the AFC Championship Game.
by Devveyovich December 15, 2007
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Eric Maynor's game-winning shot in the first round of the 2007 NCAA tournament against Duke. With the game tied at 77, Maynor hit a pull up jumper with just 1.8 seconds left to give VCU a two point lead that held up as the final margin. Duke haters everywhere rejoiced, as the Blue Devils were knocked out in the first round. To watch this glorious moment, simply search "Eric Maynor" on YouTube.
Duke had a down year in 2007, but the Duke Dagger was still great to watch, as Eric Maynor took down the mighty Blue Devils with a single shot.
by Devveyovich February 07, 2009
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Popping wood when thinking about an impending occasion where you're guaranteed to get ass. It can range anywhere from a semi to a full on rager, often depending on how hot the girl is and how close you are to go time.
I got an anticipatory boner when thinking about how I'm going to smash that girl on Saturday night.
by Devveyovich June 03, 2016
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