While taking a shit, the method of pulling your butt cheeks apart, and bouncing up and down on the toilet along with patting your head to get that last peice of poo to fall. Just like getting that last peice of beef from a can of stew.
After a real greasy meal, steve had to go to the bathroom and drop a beef stew.
by Adam October 18, 2004
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To flatulate (fart) in someone's face, usually after kicking their ass.
after I laid the smackdown on Richie's candy ass, my boys held him down and I gave him a beef stew he'll never forget.
by Balphezar October 23, 2006
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The act of pinning down another person, usually someone of lesser coolness, and farting in their mouth. Was seen in the movie 'Benchwarmers', when the jock gave one of the nerds a beef stew.
Jock: "I'm gonna give this nerd a beef stew!"
Nerd: "NO!"
*Jock farts in nerd's mouth*
Nerd: "I can taste the beef :<"
by skitzor June 17, 2006
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A huuuuge fart, in someones face. most likely wet.
I remember getting beef stew when i was younger.
by Jade. April 25, 2008
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