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The act of pinning down another person, usually someone of lesser coolness, and farting in their mouth. Was seen in the movie 'Benchwarmers', when the jock gave one of the nerds a beef stew.
Jock: "I'm gonna give this nerd a beef stew!"
Nerd: "NO!"
*Jock farts in nerd's mouth*
Nerd: "I can taste the beef :<"
by skitzor June 17, 2006

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Pronunciation: Unknown. Usually used on IRC.

One being in a state of inebriation.

Arose, and evolved, out of an IRC conversation started by an inebriated regular of #rly.

(slick) yto qassup
(slick) mbiugga
(titan) r u drunk
(slick) ,aune
(slick) ,maube
(slick) :<
(titan) slick is DRUNK LOL
<Person 1> I'm ,maube.
<Person 2> What? I can't understand you. You're so drunk you're slurring your words.
by skitzor February 01, 2008

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One who has such a loose vagina, it is possible for them to fit China's entire populous in their vagina.

Basically means a girl who is very loose. Eg. sleeps with lots of guys.

Related to sickbag vagina.
Example 1.
That Paris Hilton might be the biggest China Vagina the world has ever seen.

Example 2.
Person 1: That chick over there sleeps with every guy.
Person 2: Yeah, she's a real china vagina.
by skitzor January 09, 2007

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