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To flatulate (fart) in someone's face, usually after kicking their ass.
after I laid the smackdown on Richie's candy ass, my boys held him down and I gave him a beef stew he'll never forget.
by Balphezar October 23, 2006

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In a bad situation or position impossible to get out of, which is the direct result of someone else's actions, usually intentional.

Synonyms: see royally screwed, fucked, up shit creek, shafted, buggered
1st Person: So he didn't tell you the exam was today?

2nd Person: Yeah; I've been assfucked without lube or a kiss.

1st Person: Wanker.
by Balphezar October 23, 2006

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noun: In the 1970's, there was a television series based on then-popular DC comic characters Batman and Robin, though the show was simply titled 'Batman'.

In the show, without fail, Batman would dramatically reveal the evil plot of the villan for today's episode to Robin, who would then blurt out the word "Holy..." followed immediately by a creative, often alliterate, and always annoying catchphrase relating to the dramatic plot twist.

Such a phrase is now referred to as a 'Robinism'


1)a phrase uttered to add humor to a tense or dramatic situation, by way of attempting to increase the drama or tension in a rediculous manner.

2) The word 'Robinism' itself can refer to any phrase or action that is overly dramatic, to the point of being rediculous. see Robinesque

See below for an example of a Robinism, whose source I now forget.
Examples of Robinism:

1) 1st Person: "Well, from what I can tell, you seem to suffer from a severe case of poor self-image"

2nd Person: "Holy Inferiority Complex Batman! How low is my self-esteem that I appear as a sidekick in my own fantasy?!"

2) 1st Person: "Did you hear? He's been panicking all day because he hasn't got the money ready Vic..."

2nd Person: "How bad is it?"

1st Person: "About as bad as any other Robinism I've seen..."
by Balphezar October 24, 2006

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