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A large turd released during sex
Kiersten : Hey Jake there is nothing under these covers besides my hot naked body!
Jake : O Wow!
Kiersten : Well aren't you gonna ravish my body and fill it up with cum?
Jake : Oh Baby!
Kiersten : Oh Jake! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Pew what's that smell?
Jake : Smells like shit!
Kiersten : God Damn't Jake I throw myself at you and you release a Bed Bomb!
Jake : Who cares just ignore it come on baby spread that pussy!
Kiersten : Fuck No I will not make love in poop get out of here!
Jake : Fine hope you enjoy my shit!
Kiersten : Take your Bed Bomb with you!
Jake : You Bitch you got shit on my new jeans!
Kiersten : Ha Ha
by SlopNChop December 11, 2017
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n. the act of entering the threshold of a room at a high velocity and then leaping through the air landing on the bed, in hopes of removing it from the frame, of course with some one sleeping in it.
Dude, last night Evan administered a huge bed bomb on Keith. He wasn't very happy.
by Pauly Kaz February 19, 2006
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Saturating the bed with farts so that when someone pulls back the covers to get in they get a face full of stale farts.
I like to bed bomb a girl early in our relationship, a taste of things to come.

It's a wonder you're single.
by Shuaman June 23, 2019
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