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Known for its Southern hospitality and casual seaside charm, Beaufort reigns as the "Queen of the Carolina Sea Islands." With its scenic waterfront charm, quaint shops and historic homes, Beaufort beckons, encouraging visitors to drift back in time and experience Southern hospitality at its finest. It is pronounced like beau-tiful, hence the rhyme- Beautiful Beaufort, only its not just a rythme, in fact..beaufort is so beautiful that during the 1860's when General Sherman, who was commanded by president Lincoln to burn down all of the south, saw Beaufort, he thought that it was so beautiful that he just couldn't burn such a sight, so he spared the marvelous town. This is also one of the most historic places in all of the US. Its so enriched in history that one may not be able to fully enjoy its splendor without taking a tour in its famous downtown area.
Whether it be food, ghost hunting, tours, people, sights, or culture, something will capture your heart when you go to Beaufort, South Carolina.
by honey_yvonne March 26, 2008
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Shithole of America, located in the southern most part of south carolina.
This place sucks, but it's no beaufort.
by AmberP March 16, 2008
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The third oldest town in North Carolina. Pronounced "Bo-fort" as opposed to "Bew-fort" which is in South Carolina.

This is a lovely little historic town with a gorgeous waterfront. Great for spending part of your summer vacations in!
If you want to live in this town, you must not like any of the following things:

-good shopping
-good movie theaters
-cultural diversity
-rollerskating/ice skating rinks
-bowling alleys
-good restaurants
-good schools
-fun of any kind
-good friends
-good cops

So come vacation in Beaufort! Don't move here, because you will regret it (:
Beaufort is a great town for vacationing, but I would never move there. It is way to boring.
by smalltownteen December 14, 2010
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Pronounced "Bo-fort". NOT "Bew-fort" as in the South Carolinian pronunciation.
Beaufort is a small town on the coast of North Carolina. It is known for being the third oldest town in North Carolina and a haven for the notorious Blackbeard the Pyrate. Beaufort is rich in maritime history and culture, making it an ideal location for those seeking retirement. Unfortunately for us young folks, this means absolutely no fun whatsoever.
Billy: Where are you from?
Sue: Beaufort, North Carolina.
Billy: You mean "Bew-fort"?
Sue: No, idiot. I know how to pronounce the name of my hometown. It's "Bo-fort".
by AvastMeHeartysYoHo August 09, 2008
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