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Known for its Southern hospitality and casual seaside charm, Beaufort reigns as the "Queen of the Carolina Sea Islands." With its scenic waterfront charm, quaint shops and historic homes, Beaufort beckons, encouraging visitors to drift back in time and experience Southern hospitality at its finest. It is pronounced like beau-tiful, hence the rhyme- Beautiful Beaufort, only its not just a rythme, in fact..beaufort is so beautiful that during the 1860's when General Sherman, who was commanded by president Lincoln to burn down all of the south, saw Beaufort, he thought that it was so beautiful that he just couldn't burn such a sight, so he spared the marvelous town. This is also one of the most historic places in all of the US. Its so enriched in history that one may not be able to fully enjoy its splendor without taking a tour in its famous downtown area.
Whether it be food, ghost hunting, tours, people, sights, or culture, something will capture your heart when you go to Beaufort, South Carolina.
by honey_yvonne March 26, 2008
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when u dont have anything to say, or dont know what to say, you reply with "......."
boy:I really like you

boy: I think you are acting very different lately
(notices the differnece, but doesnt kno y she is acting like that so she says, girl: "......."
by honey_yvonne November 03, 2007
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