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"good one", primarily used in internet lingo when someone fucks up. also can be used if someone actually did something good. (good job)

"oh shit, my mom caught me masturbating."
by T0WEL1ESAYS April 15, 2005
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Slang for the word "Gone"; Becoming completely intoxicated, or "Getting Gone" (G1). G1 is often changed to G2, G3, G4 or even up to G5, to refer to the level of "Gone" (G1), much in the same way the Enhanced Fujita Scale measures tornadoes. In parts of the Southern US, a "boah" is often added to a sentence to enhance G1.
I am at Reservoir Park completely G1 boah!
by El Meatador April 24, 2009
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To have passed from one place to another.
(A K. Hubbell ism)
That's it, I'm sick of this shit. I'm g1.
by -g. August 21, 2003
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