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1) Intense or overpowering emotion such as joy, love, hatred or anger.
- Try and play it with a little more Beattie. You know,
like an 80s Hair Band rockin out a power ballad.

2) A strong sexual desire.
- I went Beattie all over her ass in the airport after
being away in Africa for six months.

3) A strong enthusiasm for a subject or activity.
- Beattie overwhelmed me with the thought that I'd be
sitting beside John Krasinski on the set of The Office

4) A sudden outburst of an emotion such as rage, hatred or jealousy.
- The string of hater emails sent her into a fit of
rage and Beattie.
by Mistress 1, Husband 0 September 27, 2007
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an act of masturbation intergrating human excrement.
The beattie is performed when an individual is aroused during a bowel movement (generally from watching beastiality pornography).
The participant then uses the warm fresh stool to lather their genitalia vigorously as a lubricant whilst masturbating furiously.
Effects can cause the participants tongue to protrude then retract rapidly out of the mouth during intense concentration and excitement.
"I've been eating a lot of corn today, hopefully I can use the kernels as pleasure beads during my Beattie tonight"
by Spoon menace February 03, 2017
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To quit without conveying a message of weakness. eg Peter Beattie resigned his post as Premier of Queenland because he felt that new blood needed to be introduced.
I'm sick of my boss bustin' my chops all the time... I'm going to pull a beattie and take my benefits.
by alrenardo September 11, 2007
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