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A girl who loves music with a good beat.

She doesn't care whos watching, the genre of music or where she is, if she likes the beat she cant help but move here body.

Generally not into hard drugs, smokes buds, and takes it easy on the booze. She's into feeling, aint got a reason to get numb.

Can handle her own at any event.
Douche Bag: Imma get that gurl over there.

Dude: No you won't

Douche Bag: Watch me...

Dude: Naw man she a beat girl.

* guy walks up tries feeling up on said beat girl while dancing, she works kicking him in the balls with dance move, dude laughs, douche bag cries*

Guy: I know you're a beat girl, and dumb ass dudes try to step all the time, but to be real I want to get to know you.

Girl: You seem real as fuck, lets get some coffee and see how we vibe 1 on 1.

Guy: Hit me up when you're free, I know somewhere I think you'll like.
by Dancing Demons and Singing Ang November 07, 2016
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