Basically it means to beat someone down really bad with punches, kicks, elbows, and so forth.....there doesnt' really have to be a whole lot of blood (though the more the merrier).....but as long as the dude's hobbling off and wakes up the next day with a good reminder of why its a bad idea to fuck with you in the first place. Thats what it would mean to "beat the fuck out of someone"
I was blind drunk and beat the fuck out of this redneck.....he got it pretty bad, to be honest =/
by CRWI January 11, 2010
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When someone ask you a question and you don’t know the answer to it
Hey how’s Johnny doing”
“Beats the fuck out of me man
by December 17, 2020
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Something someone says (screams, yells) when they are about to bash your skull into a wall until your brains ooze out your ears.

Note: This phrase is sometimes used as an idle threat by someone who thinks they're badass. Make sure not to be that d-bag.
Lyssa: OMGZ, did you see the new Twilight movie?! It was sooo good! OMG, OMG I got this new pair of shoes... They're so cute, right? They're all pink and pointy toed, ahhh!

Nikki: I'll beat the fucking shit out of you if you don't shut up.
by nikkijinx May 05, 2010
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