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Wild and crazy, stresses easy, but knows how to relieve that stress with a wild night in bed. A Lyssa is cute, yet smart, dingy, yet articulate. To be a Lyssa is like being what every man has dreamed of. Her wild and crazy attitude puts her a step above the rest
"Damn, if I had me a Lyssa, I wouldn't leave the bedroom (or the motorcycle"
by Sunfire Thunderbear February 02, 2010
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Lyssas are famous for being the perfect friend. They listen to all their friends' problems and always know what to say to make everything seem ok. Their sense of humor is second to none and quite often cause friends to, as they say, "bust a gut." Lyssas are very casual and easy-going and take things as they come. They whole heartedly devote themselves to their relationships. They are stunning people and make you look twice to make sure it wasn't an angel.
That girl is such a Lyssa. She got me through this really tough time. She knew just what to say.
by blo&lho September 09, 2010
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a lyssa is a little child that breaks into your house and rapes you. A lyssa is very cute . a lyssa is a little shit. a lyssa has amazing hair and a lyssa is a dick magnet
mann broo i wish i had a lyssa
by banana*mantha September 01, 2011
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