Lyssas are famous for being the perfect friend. They listen to all their friends' problems and always know what to say to make everything seem ok. Their sense of humor is second to none and quite often cause friends to, as they say, "bust a gut." Lyssas are very casual and easy-going and take things as they come. They whole heartedly devote themselves to their relationships. They are stunning people and make you look twice to make sure it wasn't an angel.
That girl is such a Lyssa. She got me through this really tough time. She knew just what to say.
by blo&lho September 10, 2010
Wild and crazy, stresses easy, but knows how to relieve that stress with a wild night in bed. A Lyssa is cute, yet smart, dingy, yet articulate. To be a Lyssa is like being what every man has dreamed of. Her wild and crazy attitude puts her a step above the rest
"Damn, if I had me a Lyssa, I wouldn't leave the bedroom (or the motorcycle"
by Sunfire Thunderbear February 3, 2010
The best Canadian musician on Twitch amongst those whom the major labels like Sony, Warner, Deutsche Grammophon, etc., would unfortunately overlook. She can do practically everything: She can sing existing songs, she can write new songs, she can improv, she can live-learn, she can play multiple instruments, and heck, she can even rap. She can give out both an angelic vibe and a "girl next door" vibe at the same time when she sings. In conclusion: For 99 out of every 100 people, there's a reason why Kendra Lyssa is the best girl you'll ever meet, online or in real life.
A: Are you listening to Billie Eilish?
B: Billy Eyelash? No. I'm listening to Kendra Lyssa.
A nickname given to a girl who is who very tiny but is usually high, drunk and horny. She is the life of the party and knows how to have a good time. She's quiet around people she hates is secretly plotting there funeral but is loud and crazy around everyone else. Don't get on her bad side or else she'll fuck you up. She is also genuinely nice and a good person
Did you see little lyssa walking down the street last night? She looked so hot. hot tiny crazy drunk high horny party quiet
by Jessimalo September 27, 2015
Lyssa X (noun): Lyssa X (also called "Lyssavirus X" or "Rabies X") refers to a mutation of Rabies with a much shorter incubation period of several days, as opposed to several weeks. Rabies, one of many similar viruses in the Lyssavirus Genus, is characterized by causing those infected to become highly aggressive, irrational, and unresponsive to attempts at communication. Other than its rapid onset, Lyssa X is otherwise identical to Rabies. Rabies is kept from rapidly spreading because it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 years to affect it's host, but Lyssa X has overcome this limitation. The term Lyssa X was originally coined by OZORT, and is considered a fictional virus. It is also considered a zombie virus by zombie survivalist groups, as this mutation could very easily lead to a widespread zombie outbreak.

"Lyssa": Greek, Frenzy
If Rabies ever mutates into Lyssa X, we're all fucked.
by Edward Stevens August 25, 2006
In a maddened almost rabbit state in the act of coitus whilst foaming at the mouth the Lyssa will pounce on you scratching and clawing like a wild animal. She becomes overpoweringly strong as she forces you down and flips you over and wielding the mystical weapon the Glaive she begins to slay you from behind until climax causes her to shout the name of her home world “kkkkkkkrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!”
Hey man how did your date go last night? She pulled the dirty Lyssa on me and I’m in the ICU so I’d say it went pretty well
by Drexxy June 10, 2020