A drink, of sorts, consisting of two drinks taken one after the other. An Irish Car Bomb and a Jägerbomb. You simply line them up and take one after the other, wait 5-10 minutes, and then you will know how it has earned it's name.
We were at the bar and I ordered a round of Bear Fights for the group. Afterwards, everyone was excited and suprised at what was going on in their stomach. It was as if a Black bear and a polar bear were fighting inside them.
by Levi Lawhon September 26, 2007
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Pooping in, or putting poop into a tube sock, tying the end, and then beating someone with it so they slowly get covered in poo splatter.
Lanalin: Dude, why are you covered in poop?
LexaLynn: I was sleeping on the couch and Jimmary started to bear fight me.
by Lanalin September 21, 2005
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Same as a Bear Fight, but with the addition of a third shot: a saki bomb.

So in effect, Irish Car Bomb followed by a Jager Bomb finished off with a Saki Bomb.

hey have you guys seen Joe? He's stumbling around the bar, shouting, and trying to get undressed...
Must have been that Japanese Bear Fight he took earlier!
by Stifler's Mom February 3, 2012
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A drink created in Western PA....An irish car bomb followed by a jager bomb followed by a vegas bomb....warning side effects include lack of good judement, lack of motor skills, causing you to become locked out in the snow for three hours while everyone else bar hops, having to call your wife to pick you early while the rest of your friends laugh at you and........vomit
Hey man lets do a bear fight in vegas...
by iupgt445 August 24, 2010
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A drink, of sorts, consisting of three drinks taken one after the other. It is an addon to the traditional Bear Fight which is an Irish Car Bomb and a Jägerbomb. In a Panda Bear Fight you follow the Bear Fight with a Sake Bomb.
We were at the bar and wanted to start the night off right. A fellow drunkard recommended a Panda Bear Fight. It was like a polar bear, a black bear, and a panda bear fighting all the way down. It was epic!
by Sir Stampalot June 25, 2011
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A special drink where smart people drink an Irish Car Bomb, followed by a Jägerbomb and then a shot of Tequila in rapid succession.
Let's get a round of Mexican Bear Fights with Jonathan.
by Dedering September 2, 2016
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A variation of a bear fight. The koala bear fight is performed by consuming a traditional bear fight (a Irish Car Bomb and a Jagerbomb consumed in rapid succession), followed by quickly drinking a can of Fosters.
Person 1: Hey mate, want to go get a round of koala bear fights?

Person 2: Do wombats poop cubes? You bet I do!
by Radagast_the_Brown May 8, 2019
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