Jagermeister-RedBull boilermaker
Jager in a shot glass dropped into half a can of Red Bull in a highball glass makes a Jager Bomb! Enjoy!
by kimmymarie August 05, 2003
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the guido drink of choice, drunk in south shore bars to attract fuckin skanks/grind on some pussy.
Jager bombs? Fuckin shower in that shit.
by lizofcydonia November 08, 2007
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One of the best alcoholic drinks out. You get a shotty, pour some jagermeiter in it, then with a tall glass of red bull you drop the jager in it and scoll.Gets ya fukn hammered. Also one of the best parts in a hilarious youtube video, called "My New Haircut". watch it now. It has spawned heaps of parodies and other versions.
FAG GUIDO:JagerBombs? I F*cken shower in that shit. Yo Cheif, Two JagerBombs down her. (points in many diff directions) jager bombs, jager bombs jager bombs jager bombs
by stoner_pride_brahh February 18, 2009
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Only drink consumed by people from Stornoway!

Always used as one for the ditch.

Great painkiller for toothache!!
Patient: I've got really bad toothache!

Dentist: Get down yourself down to the pub and have a jager bomb!!!
by stydave April 08, 2011
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Making out with IBDA(no number) while intoxicated.
I sure did a lot of jager bombs last night, those things are the devil!
by Paterfamilias June 24, 2003
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The name of a drink that involves dropping a shot of Jager into a type of energy drink then drinking it entirely as fast as possible.
We got trashed last night when we had all those "Jager Bombs"
by Kindergarden Cop May 27, 2009
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jager bombs are when you have red bullor some other energy drink, drop it into one cup and chug it back. usually height of shotglass worth of red bull, a shot of jagermeister, down 'er. Gets you smashed quick.
Marty: " aw man, last night we did jager bombs and i got wasted"

Steve:"lucky! jager bombs are the greastest drink known to man"
by LADYKR0N1K420 November 09, 2008
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