Basically, the female equivalent of Teabagging. It is the art of a woman placing their vagina onto someone, such as their face, arm etc.
I was with my girlfriend the other night, and whilst i was layed on the bed she ran over and started Beanbagging my face!
by RazMannnn August 07, 2010
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Female version of Teabagging. Because women have a 'bean'.
How was your date last night?
We were beanbagging
Whats that?
Like teabagging but the other way round
by Freakboy182 May 24, 2011
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The act of having sex with a Beanbag, or Beanie Babies.
Most common in frustrated teenaged males. May result in friction burns to the penis and very crusty furniture.
I sat on the beanbag and it went crunch. I found out the he had been beanbagging.
by deviantsub1234 September 09, 2011
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To say everything that comes into one's mind without filtering or thought as to appropriateness. To endlessly chatter and whinge.
Quit your beanbagging woman, you're scaring the Norwegians!

Man, I was so drunk last night I was beanbagging at this poor guy for ages at the bar.
by Toothmonkey August 12, 2008
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often referred to as the scrotum, the beanbag is the flap of skin that keeps the testies in.
when jenny was slobbing my knob, my beanbag was bouncing off her chin like a man on the moon
by deeVon January 30, 2004
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1. Figuratively meaning light, easy, care-free play. Derived from pillow-fight-like play with beanbags. Mostly used to indicate the opposite. i.e. "ain't beanbag" means rough, cut-throat play - especially in competition. This is used by a more mature audience.

2. Uncommonly used term for testicles and scrotum. It doesn't take a genius or urban dictionary to figure out that connection.
1. "Politics ain't beanbag. Candidates will fight dirty and mudsling just to get an edge on the next guy."

2. "My beanbag is turning blue. Please give me sweet relief, baby."
by Mr. Jud May 07, 2008
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When you done playing with my choad move on up to my beanbag.
by BenKerr October 17, 2003
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