Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon's surface, in the Sea of Tranquility, at 0256 GMT, on 21 July 1969.
We can put a man on the moon, but can we put one on (here insert the name of the person you want to make fun of)?
by yorrick hunt February 2, 2008
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An alias for "The lonely stoner", "Mr. Solo Dolo", or the "Mr. Rager" - AKA KID CUDI. ** Man on the Moon lso the name of two albums that he released.
Which album by Scott Mescudi is your favorite? Mine is The Man On the Moon Vol. II
by NikkiDfromAZ March 4, 2015
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When in the process of showing someone your ass aka "mooning", you proceed to tuck your penis so it pokes out between your ass cheeks. Thus the penis is the man who's hanging out on the moon.
Hah! How do you like my man on the moon!
by IamAdam February 19, 2006
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A person who is not an outcast but different from everyone else. A unique person, different in a good way.
That guy in the corner is a man on the moon heard he was actually really cool.
by monkeyshoe May 27, 2010
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When having sex with a chick and you are doing her from behind, right before you "finish", you take a flag with your name on it and stick it into her ass hole and as you finish you yell out "I'm the man on the moon!".
Guy1: "Last night I conquered new territory, I took that fine ass home and planted my flag!"
Guy2: "Dayam man! You pulled a man on the moon on her ass!"
by El Conquistador November 9, 2004
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On July 21, 1969, with the Apollo 11 Spaceflight, Neil Armstrong was the 1st human to step on the Moon! Buzz Aldrin joined him 20 minutes later & they spent 2 1/4th hours gathering 47.5 pounds of lunar material for return to Earth. Pilot Michael Collins stayed in lunar orbit until they returned to the ship. July 24th was splashdown at 819 miles SW of Hawaii. As Neil Armstrong took his 1st step onto the surface of the Moon, he said "1 small step by a man; 1 giant leap for mankind."
I was fortunate to see the live TV broadcast of the First Man On The Moon & it had tremendous impact on me, starting a lifelong love of space & the Moon.
by Starchylde May 29, 2016
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Someone who is not aware what's going on right now, who looks dreaming, torn off reality.
-Could you tell me please what date is it today?
-Hello. are you a man from the Moon?
by FromRussia March 8, 2015
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