Raucous behaviour, generally, but not always, a result of drunkeness and a desire to loud and overbearing
When I went to Galway, I met a load of bawdy rugby players. They were great fun!
by Mark The Judge April 07, 2005
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When someone (usually a female) has a nice body and tries to think of an original caption to show it off on social media.
by Colloquialism April 28, 2018
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older word for vulgar or lewd.
"During his last 10 years, the Reverend, for some reason, performed a couple of bawdy songs in public. This is one of them, it is indeed very old-time-sounding with some vaudeville overtones. I love it, though I am not very fond of the SM lyrics. I think it is rather difficult to play! Have tried a couple of times and it is very hard, much harder than, for example, Blind Blakes "Arthurs breakdown". - Comment on 'Reverend Gary Davis - She Wouldn't Say Quit.'
by Nonenonenonenonenone September 16, 2018
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Dick couldnt get laid so we took him to a bawdy house to get some action.
by LMxDurgex December 24, 2008
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The labia and vagina
I gave her bawdy cleft a good pounding last night.
by Ccmiz12 April 12, 2016
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A young female that is showing too much skin. Shoulders, skirts above the knee, ect. (Older generation word and meaning)
"You are not leaving this house looking like a Bawdy Tom"
by Sandy White January 03, 2014
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A person who has been severely reprimanded or owned, and metaphorically “dead.”
He just apologized on DM - I got the toe tag for that bawdy.
by Pssssseudonym March 28, 2021
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