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Toronto Slang for when 2 big men (preferably African American) fuck a girl at the same time. A good party game that white women really enjoy.
Girl: What do you guys wanna do?
Guy 1: Battry?
Guy 2: Battry!
Girl: What are we gonna do with batteries?

Guy 1: You'll see
by BIGBOYGANGMOVES October 25, 2018
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West Indian Slang for two men having sex with a woman at the same time. Not to be confused with a train cause it is at the same time not one after the other
We are going to run your girls battry comes from the fact most electronic devices need two battries to operate
by Romeo Bruce Montague July 17, 2008
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She always maintained a fresh supply of battries and didn't need a boyfriend.
by Russell Clark April 18, 2003
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A slang for calling a girl a bitch, whore, or a hoe.
That girl really goes from guy to guy and take advantages of them? She's a battry for that.
by Cricketboyy October 22, 2018
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