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An aggressive chronic condition resulting in an extreme allergic reaction to alcohol. Symptoms include round dodging, compulsive lying about the previous nights alcohol consumption, and a completely hangover free existence.
"God I feel awful after last night, how do you feel?"

"absolutely fine you know I cant booze, I'm batesy"
by ganzilla August 10, 2014
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The act of claiming to attend an event and subsequently bailing at a later time
Callum: Gym later boys?
Sam: yeah sure half nine!
*half nine*
Callum: sorry lads too tired I’m going to have to pull a batesy
by BatesyDarlo February 07, 2018
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Used to discribe out a chav, scally or general lout
"Look at Batesy over then swigin' a stella in his Nova"

or When you see a scally you can just shout "BATESY"
by MWrench October 25, 2007
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1. Someone who is simular to a "Bates".
2. A Projector.
3. A person commonly mistaken for a female.
1. "Hey do you know old man Batsey the roofer?"
2. "Bates your such a projector"
2. "Are you a woman Batesy?"
by Duran Duran April 07, 2006
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