A hero in overwatch that requires zero skill and is able to get an insane amount of kills. Often called the "point and click adventure" because his sentry form only requires you to point and click.
"I'm going Bastion guys."
"the point and click adventure begins."
by Basolatite July 1, 2016
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To kidnap an animal for personal use, used often to describe cat napping.
That little girl loved fluffy until some monster bastion’d it and she never saw fluffy again.
by PooFlavin October 13, 2021
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An Omnic soldier from the video game Overwatch. The fifth character on the list and the first defense to be seen. Known for its simple action of reconfiguring into a turret and blasting down its foes with bullets or tank shells. One of the many units from the Omnic Crisis. It's true name is " SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54." one of the playable Omnics in Overwatch.
Bastion, once a cold mechanical machine with a thirst for human destruction, remains passive with the nature away from the humans.
by Leedle Leedle Leedle Stan August 30, 2016
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Someone who, ironically, should not be nerfed
A: Ill be Bastion, NeRf BAstIon
B: Lol, Bastion really needs to be nerfed!
C: Sorry for being that one guy, but he is a bad character when facing a competent team.
by YoMommaFarted November 9, 2018
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A member of the subspecies Homo Danus, recognisable by traits such as sarcasm, hatred, and a geenral aura of weirdness. Volatile and dangerous in large dosages, much like the average human female. But male. Without being gay. See?
O noes! It's Bastion!
by Anonymous April 27, 2004
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