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A feature of the game Overwatch, which highlights the "best" play of the match at the end of the match.
I'm totally gonna get play of the game bro
Nah mate, It'll probably get stolen by a bastion holding down leftclick
by Ryfster July 02, 2016
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Play of the game(Not to be confused with Play of the Match, or POTM), abbreviated as POTG is a mechanic in the game Overwatch. It highlights a moment in the match were the player was at their best. There are 4 types of POTG;

High score: The standard POTG. A Bastion or Torbjorn racks up a lot of damage and kills, leading to POTG.

Lifesaver: When you get this POTG, you helped a teammate away from beath in a batch (I.E Killing a Reinhardt charging an ally.)

Sharpshooter: When you get this POTG, you dealt a lot of kills from afar, in the air, or with headshots. Mostly dne my Ana and Widowmaker.

Shutdown: When you get this POTG, you shut-down an enemy ultimate. (I.E Killing a Pharah when the releases her rocket barrage)
Pharah: Justic rains from a- AUUUGHH!!!
Player: I'm soooo gonna get Play of the Game!
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by Mr. Enderman June 14, 2018
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