A feature of the game Overwatch, which highlights the "best" play of the match at the end of the match.
I'm totally gonna get play of the game bro
Nah mate, It'll probably get stolen by a bastion holding down leftclick
by Ryfster July 02, 2016
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Abbreviated as “POG”. It’s supposed to be a highlight of the best move a computer algorithm has deemed in the game, but it’s just fucking Bastion. Btw it’s Overwatch related, but Overwatch is kinda dead.
“Sweet! I think it’ll be me, my Ultimate got 5 people! I feel so good about... OF COURSE ITS FUCKING BASTION
*Throws controller*
by SpeakundSpell November 28, 2020
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The saying playing the long game refers to active participation in achieving goals which may take some time.
Susan knew that all she had to do was wait and watch, and eventually her cruel boss would do something so bad she'd be able to report him. She was good at playing the long game.
His friends called it being friend zoned, he called it playing the long game, but she called it being a fuckboy.
On the show Supernatural, both Big Bads have been playing Long Games to fulfill their plans. We won't find out what the final result will be until the season finale.
by RenRen December 08, 2015
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When a man gets a hand job from a blind woman.
See that girl over there? With the dog and the stick and the nice rack? Looks like she's ready for playing the crane game.
by TomKVideo December 08, 2008
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You act like you want something, but you're indecisive and don't really care about the feelings of other people.
Friend: "Girl what happened to Paul?"
Other Friend: "He play too many games. He wasn't ready for a relationship."
by Wildgirllsu April 20, 2016
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Real meaning: when someone does harm to you, you can do the same to them.
Rick: So, Mike stole Shelly from me; Well, two can play at that game!
by Fruityogos January 10, 2011
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