When a hero is overpowered for one week, then gets nerfed into the ground and stays useless forever.
Doomfist was pretty good, but then Blizz Bastioned Rocket Punch.
by epicguy10155 September 23, 2017
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A person who looks into the heart of darkness and tries to use it for chaotic good but always gets corrupted and morphs into scum. They play Overwatch and select bastion at first as a blanket but soon it turns into a crutch. This player lashes out at the world by releasing an ungodly amount of fire power down a firing range. A bastion main should always be countered with Sombra and Road Hog. Thy hack and thy hook shall save us from this misguided demon known as the bastion main. Fortunately this genus form of Bastion Main can bring down the enemy team but be warned if the bastion main is on your team, you will garner some of the hatred aimed at Bastion and lose the game through moral depression.

A smaller known but should also to be considered genus is the Bastion main recon variant, who is a tactical flanking nightmare. They use recon mode and hit the head shots with unrelenting efficiency. They turn into sentry move in well timed oppuntunities and kill everything in sight within seconds, to only move on in recon mode again, they are not stationary, they are like a soldier 76 but with a huge machine gun. Bastion Mains in short is why there was bigotry against Omnics after the war and why salt levels rise higher and higher in comp and quick play. The fire power and devastation will leave many salty.
Soldier 76: That bastion has been mowing us down. I can hear it's awful laughter.

Winston: I checked the bastion's career profile, confirmed bastion main
Pharah : Justice Rain AHHHH
Road Hog : I got this * Hooks Bastion*

Sombra: Boop * hacks Bastion *

Bastion: (translated )NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO * dies in hell fire*
by Dr.BastionMain July 15, 2017
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the funniest professional wrestler in the history of WWF. I saw him win a match by falling on his oponent, then he belched and ate a banana with his mouth open.
Bastion Booger rocks! Bring back Bastion Booger to the WWF
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
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A bastion main is a guy who has no family or life and will never have such things. So, he or she picks the Overwatch character "Bastion," only to fuck with other people's lives. The bastion main can be mainly found in comp & Quick Play, it's their natual habitat.
by I_Got_Barzzzzzzzx April 10, 2017
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Bastion Mains are basically 400-pound overwatch players who don't have an ounce of skill and just said, "you know what? Fuck my dignity!" and became a bastion main. Bastion mains are disliked for ruining the game overwatch, and are well known for their lack of social skills.
When my friend told me he was a bastion main, it explained a whole lot
by Briskly September 16, 2016
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