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Bassy means a long Knife e.g , machete , rambo ( London Slang )
''Man's ganna get bassy on him.''
by Woiiiii04 October 02, 2017
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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A ugly, hairy, fat woman with warts and deformed babies on her back.
"YO! That girl is one sick bassy!"
by Rob March 23, 2004
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Short form of the word "bastard". Can be used as a compliment, insult, term of endearment, respect or disrespect.
Player 1)"Checkmate, bassy!" Player 2)"Good show old Bassy!"
"I hope I never see you again, bassy."
"I love you, you bassy"
"Let's roll Bassies."
"You are being such a bassy."
by J.K.W. March 30, 2007
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Someone who is like a fish -- unintelligent, floundering piece of meat that gets hooked easily and can't do anything but stare. Can also denote someone who is a pussy, bitch, fag, or any combination of the above.
"Sup, bassy?"

"McKinsey's a fucking bassy, yo."

"No bassies allowed, bitch! Step somewhere else."

"Man I'm acting like a fucking bassy. I need to get my game tight, swagger right."
by basstastic October 15, 2006
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