The act of killing your spouse and feeding them to tigers
You cool cats and kittens know that bitch Carole was Basking when she covered her husband in sardine oil and threw him to the cats
by Fuckatuna April 24, 2020
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When one unknowingly indulges in a "fly-catching" slanted facial expression involving an open jaw; Normally expressing the ugliest, grotesque face that a human being can possibly portray.
Joe: Hey Ryan, Check out Michael Arnold.
Ryan: Is he basking again?
Joe: Yes, but this time it's like a Ultra-bask
Ryan: He needs to staple his mouth closed
by Ryan Ft. Joe January 29, 2009
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To enjoy an event, situation, or object.
"I picked up a half gallon of beam and im about to get hella faded, bask"

Mark was basking infront of the plasma TV.
by Anees May 22, 2006
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Bask basically means that you have no emotion to anything happening around you, giving clearly zero fucks what's happening.

bask is like nonchalant, but more relaxed and depressed

Example: If you're looking at a cat you can just say "bask".

You cannot bend the word bask it will always stay the same, bask is an adjective
by biku_ow December 22, 2018
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To expose oneself to pleasant warmth
an opportunity to bask in the genteel applause of the faithful
by RABIH KASSIS June 14, 2006
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Basking for it is when a celeb or wannabe does something that they know will "backfire." The backfire is a feature, not a bug because of the resulting media frenzy. For example, a conservative who has recently said/done something hyperbolically racist tries to speak at Berkeley.
"Ann Coulter 's speech at UC Berkeley was canceled. She's laughing all the way to the bank. You know she was totally basking for it."
by queequegdave March 25, 2018
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The act of farting silently in the corner and smelling up the entire room.
Matt: Dude I'm basking it over here.

Adam: That's disgusting you nasty fuck.
by Sir Baskalot April 26, 2009
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