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The term for emptying a testicle.
she was so tight it only took me a minute to pop a nut
by LM August 06, 2003

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The chaos emeralds are seven gems created to contain all the negative power in the worl dof Sonic The Hedgehog. Uses include the Chaos COntrol, changing heroes like Sonic into Super Sonic, looking shiny for Rouge the Bat, making Chaos into Perfect Chaos, and being at the end of a really annoying stage.
1. The Chaos Emeralds are shiny
2.This thing's got infinite power, you know
by LM June 21, 2004

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Allegiance: Decepticon

Sub-groups: Nobody would have him!

Function: Crazy person


He was the strongest Decepticon ever, and he would lead them into a new age of dominance. Then he found out how badly the movie did and slipped into drink and drugs. This severely hampered his ability as commander ("If we all charge in single file at the Autobot's most heavily-defended base, they'll be vanquished forever!") and he was eventually kicked out. Now his a 'bot of few words; those words are "BWAAAAAAA!", "DRINK!", and "ARSE!"
Galvatron sat in haze located in a bar.
by LM November 03, 2003

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To arouse sexually; to make randy.

Other tense-forms:
Photos of naked women tend to randify men.
by LM June 09, 2004

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Allegiance: Decepticon

Sub-groups: Corny 80s Villains Anonymous

Function: Wimp

"Decepticons, RETREAT!"

The most feared Decepticon to ever exist... if you're half-drunk and have the physical strength of a housefly. Megatron has a fusion cannon and the ability to completely miss any target who has a toy still in production, and a penchant for inane plans that three-year olds could counter-- interestingly, it always take the Autobots 25 minutes to counter them. Hmmmmm...
A small bunny rabbit ran out in front of Megatron. "We're under attack! DECEPTICONS RETREAT!"

by LM November 03, 2003

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meaning cool, phat, tight, ect.
yo, that's a shive car.
by lm May 08, 2003

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the fucking man, also know as a variation of duff man.
damn you just fucked up five guys by yourself and fucked there moms, haha you pulled a zchau
by LM January 21, 2005

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