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Total fucking nerd that runs around memeing and 🅱️ooling and playing pranks on supposed Tech Wizards™ and Tricky Ricky™.
Guys, we were 🅱️ooling on the basement bed playing Meme™ when Tricky Ricky yelled, "You basement boys have memed too hard this time!" #ISS
by 7teens January 02, 2018
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A male gamer with a fragile male ego. Immature and unable to take defeat or being outdone. More than likely lives in his mother's basement but is not limited to this standard. Also, fears women and will insult them at first given opportunity. Insecure in the presence of a female and irate when outdone/beat by a female gamer. Calls all girl gamers sluts, whores, and egirls due to their own personal insecurities.
Basement boy:*gets killed by a female gamer*. "You suck at this game. Get back in the kitchen you eGirl, that's where you belong, slut"

Female gamer: "Aww poor little fella, did I hurt your ego a little? What a basement boy!"
by Ralphy the wrotten May 04, 2018
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