A city of 180,000 people in the heart of the Inland Empire in Southern California. Thanks to pollution, a low stanadard of living, and extremely high crime rate, it has become known as the Armpit of California.
by sketch January 17, 2005
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is a city where you would literally get your ass ate by a tweaker its bad bro foos be tweaking it and the whole city be smelling like ass cheeks
hey fred did you go to that bootleg wanna be mall on waterman san bernardino ?

fred: yeah john its literally gay it smelled like shit
by December 29, 2021
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San Bernardino was once a simple farming community.Someone opened the gates & now it is poor,crime ridden,mean & ugly. REALLY SUCKS
They cut down orange groves & vinyards.Ran off farmers & now taking I-210 to our crosstown 30 & bringing all that traffic!
by R. B. aka The Mama May 31, 2005
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A city in southern California bereft of fun. The best thing to do there is to pack up and get the fuck out. It smells like urban decay and broken dreams. It also smells like raw sewage for some reason, though after careful investigation you won't find any processing plant. More likely it's the high concentration of ghetto-ass people.

Only notable for being the origin of the McDonalds franchise in 1940. Nothing significant has happened since. Not that it matters, because most of the inhabitants here are so ignorant and shallow that it wouldn't matter if the most important human discovery had taken place here; no one would care. Give them American Idol and Twilight and they are perfectly happy to ignore anything else.
In Soviet Russia, San Bernardino lives in you.
by WickedLife7 April 21, 2011
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a city in California known as the mullet and meth lab capital of the world.
Police fear San Bernadino.
The citizens open fire at any Crown Vic as a matter of principle.
by thE oNe anD OnLy JACKASS July 30, 2004
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People like to exaggerate about how bad it really is. Just stay in the north area and you'll be just dandy.
I've been living in San Bernardino all my life
by Surfingbird May 21, 2011
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An urban Wild West in California. People here live far below the poverty line. Don’t go here. All that can be seen is meth labs, mullets, and tweakers. San Bernardino is also one of the most dangerous cities in California. It is also hot as hell here.
I got shanked by some tweakers yesterday in San Bernardino
by Southbayshake September 10, 2020
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