To be sodomised by a gang of men and then thrown into a swimming pool. Made famous my ex-television presenter Michael Barrymore.
Did you see Keith last night? He looked like he'd been Barrymored!

If we see Paul in the club tonight, we'll Barrymore him.
by RockySamboa January 27, 2011
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Verb - to barrymore. to anally violate someone so vigorously that they end up with severe pain and - in the worst cases - spinal damage
See him? I Barrymored him. I doubt he can even walk yet.
by MrEvilKev January 20, 2011
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to Refet to somebody as barrymore is considered an insult, as its calling them homosexual
by matthew breeds September 27, 2005
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Michael Barrymore the comedian, was on t.v in Britain for most of the 90's. He hosted shows like "kids say the funniest things" on sunday afternoons which proved mildly popular with pensioners and half-wits. When the nineties came to an end and the new millenium began, things started to go down hill for Barrymore. His notorious pool-party and the death of his nephew had his shows cancelled.
The police ran a lengthly investigation into the events of the party and concluded that Mike was innocent. Also that his nephew had taken it up the arse rather savagely before drowning in a swimming pool, due to the excessive use of alcohol.
After reading this text, you should now know that Michael Barrymore is a huge JOKER. It is obvious that his name will haunt the batties in the playgrounds across England for centuries to come.
"Oi Darrell You Barrymore! Get Off My Penis..."
"Jak BP Is A Big Barrymore"
"Shabba Goes Swimming With Barrymore At Parties"
by JK Central - D.A = Elton May 18, 2005
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Came from the stoner underworld. When one of your comrades is staring into space and you want to ask him, 'What are you thinking about/What was teh last thought which went through your mind?', save time (and don't let them forget) by using this word instead.
(Friend staring into space)
- 'Doh. I was just thinking about how, because our fastest possible reaction time is 1/30s, we're therefore always living in the past, and then maybe this is all a flashback and I'm actually already dead twenty years in the future.'
- 'Oh.'
by Dave Davidson December 26, 2003
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Stoned and/or drunk.
Alistair says (23:43):
Neil: o'ight
Alistair: Are you Barrymore?
by Alistair Low November 26, 2006
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A turd that causes catastrophic anal damage. From ex-popular tv host Michael Barrymore's misadventure up his friends back passage (arse) in his swimming pool. Ouch!
I've got to sit on a rubber ring after that that shit, it was like Barrymore's Fist.
by Marcos Davies August 29, 2007
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