(verb) A term created by stoners at Carlsbad High School meaning to get grounded, caught, or in trouble in any way
I hit that shit in class yesterday and now I'm barred.

My parents barred me.
by Wat69..$ May 15, 2019
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An adjective used to describe someone on an amount of Xanax that is clearly too much for them.
Being "barred" entails slurred speech, believing you are sober, unable to walk right, etc.
Mike: "Dude, Jason got fuckin barred last night."
Jim: "Really? Well, fuck, yeah. I thought the dumbass drank too much."
Mike: "Being barred is fucking cool if you do it right."
Jim: "yep."
by jacrispy vulcano is my mom August 8, 2017
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Slang term in the East Coast, used to emphasize something that is meant to be taken literal, or when someone makes a statement and they really meant. The term "barred" also refers to the term "bar", which is usually when something spits a cold rhyme with meaning, which can also be used wit the term "barred".
Im so hungry i can eat a fuckin cow b, and thats barred.

Yo, Dominos is better than Pizza Hut, BARRREEEDDD.

Bruh it we take another L, im t'n up on all you mofos, and thats barrred.

Mike: Ready to graduate and gtf.

by saucybro35 May 15, 2017
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Not allowed or banned is a no fly zone for them
Yo John can’t come to hood they barred him
by UhOh 56 April 25, 2018
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to ignore, hate, dislike, be annoyed or angry at a person and thus shun them until you find their presence acceptable.
"no you were being a bitch, you're so toally barred"
"that's it you're barred, <explicite delete>"
by sarah bogan April 20, 2005
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Pornography of any kind... movies/mags/pics/ext.
-"what you doing when you get home"
-"watching Barred"
by Dan November 9, 2004
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Barred is a term for being banned or forbidden to come to a specific place. It is not known where it originally started but it is most commonly used in Maryland, VA, DC, Philly and Delaware.
Antwan Boosie asf his shit is barred.

Aye brah when’s the last time u seen Corey?
Awww u ain’t know? Jojo got barred a week ago
by Jaden Browner August 7, 2021
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