A public high school in Carlsbad, CA built during the 1950's.

It's student population consists of various cliqués:

-The cool girls-
The group of slutty white girls who live in the Aviara part of carlsbad. They spend their weekends cruising in their birthday present from daddy, a BMW, smoking low quality marijuana, drinking mickeys, smirnoff, and fucking the cool guys...

-The cool guys-
These kids usually are hanging with their female counterpart, the cool girls. They probably drive an F150 or SUV, dress in skater-esque clothes, drink large amounts of alcohol and smoke alot of weed. Also, they are avid fans of such music as: Lil Wayne (whom they all call Weezy), lil john, sublime, bob marley, TI, snoop dogg, and other music that seems to match their marijuana use AND/OR awe of the "thug" "ghetto" life that they definately live in daddys 6 bedroom beachside gated community house.

-The school kids-
These are the kids that take all AP classes, and loveeeee doing homework. They are most likely on the speech and debate team. Girls dress in very conservative clothes, while the guys still dress like theyre in 6th grade. The group is about half white, half asian. Their idea of "parties" are AP US history study sessions at {insert name here}'s house, with the occasional kool-aid and volleyball ridden beach bonfires that get mass promotion through facebook. These kids prefer facebook over as mom would say, the "not-so-safe-myspace". Their musical taste is a combination of Coldplay, Radiohead, various european electronic artists, piano-rock, and the "clean" version of T.I's new album that was safely downloaded from iTunes for $9.99.

These are your typical meat-head jocks. They are virtually similar to the "cool kids" group, except that they play sports. They are ecenomically well off, and spend their money on nice clothes. They are the cockiest people you will ever meet.Also they HATE skater kids, also known as rats. Their weekends consist of driving around, partying, and getting laid.

-Rats (skater kids)- these kids are the lowest of the low. They spend their days ditching school to smoke week, drink 40's of OE, and of course skate. Its advised that one keep a distance from these kids, who never seem to shower...hence the name, rat...They dress in unwashed clothes, and try to come off as poor...what you dont know, is that they live in their Bressi Ranch 4 bedroom home with mom, dad, their little brother, and Oscar, their golden retriever. They hate jocks, and get into occasional fights with them, that usually consist of shoves and a few punches to the arms. Somehow, rats are able to get with decent looking girls.

-The Mexican Kids- These kids make up a large part of Carlsbad High Schools population. There are various subgroups that branch off from this large "clique", if you want to call it that. Apart from the regular mexican kids, that make up most of the mexican population, and do well in school, theres 2 groups that seem to stand out.....

Swaggers: Mexicans who dress in flashy colors, wear skinny jeans, match everything, vans are a must, have wild spikey hair, wear large faux-diamond earings (that are secretly clip ons due to the fact that mom wont let her baby boy ruin his ears at "Claire's"), and can be seen with large sunglasses. They listen to all the hot mainstream rap/hip-hop.

Cholos: these "wannabes" really live it tough in the streets of the ghetto.....or at least they want to come off like that. Most of them come from middle income families, but they prefer to live their life "on the edge". Fake accents are a must, and dressing in their favorite XXL t-shirts, high socks, sweat-shorts, and adidas is advised. Shaved heads are common. They claim "Varrio Carlsbad "vCMLs X3", but when you diss them, they dont back up their "hood". You can spot them near the spanish building at lunch.

-The Band Kids-
These kids are a small group of students who stick together, as bandmates. They are mostly white. They enjoy playing the clarinet, listening to music, and busting quickies in the 3000's building bathroom during 3rd period with the 2nd chair flutist.

Overall, Carlsbad High School is a dump for racial and ecomonic segregation between students. If you AREN'T a good looking, white, rich kid, i advise you NOT to go here.

Its not fun.

Kid 1-Hey bro what school do you go to?

Kid 2-Carlsballssss....

Kid 1-You mean Carlsbad High School?? Why do you call it that?

Kid 2-Because it sucks balls if you aren't rich or white.

Kid 1-shit. im going there next year. im fucked.

Kid 2- yeah. you are.

by carlsbad_is_boring March 9, 2009
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carlsbad, california- the students are divided into different cliques:

the cool girls
these girls can be anywhere from freshmen to seniors. they love fucking the jocks and cool kids. they throw stupid parties with shit weed and shit alcohol, and call it a rager. every other group thinks their stuck up annoying bitches.

the cool guys
they are almost all rich, love going to "ragers" fuck the cool girls and look down upon everyone else. but don't worry, they think theyre going to get far in life, yet do shit in school.

the skate rats
dont really come off as being dirty anymore hence the rat, but they still are considered so. a flannel is a must, or a double shirt genx tee and a board to skate places at lunch,while smoking a grit. fighting jocks can be gnarly or pussy depending on the grade.

the surf rats
much like the skate rats, yet different. they chill in the parking lot by state smoking grits and generally causing trouble. most are dumbasses with which their slang consisting of mob, grommet, nug, straight, and trog.

the normal/school kids
dont love school, but dont mind taking on AP statistics, track, and asb. they love face-book and have study group sessions. . the more lively ones act like fuckheads in class.

football jocks
they are alot like the cool kids except they throw a ball. they pull the star cheerleaders and go to "ragers" too. range from poor to to rich with a 3 story houses in a gated community by poinsettia park playing madden 10.
-whad up brah les shred state then hit up grubbys yeah? mob?

-yeah brah fer sure
-hey after i study statistics want to maybe catch a movie?

-oh yeah thatd be so cool

can you tell the difference between cliques now? why yes, yes you can with carlsbad high school
by justsomekidfromcbad October 5, 2009
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A High School located in Carlsbad California full of stuck up daddy's money pricks. The guys there have too much of an ego and think they are the shit and the girls think they are better than everyone. Carlsbad High School is a High School where you will have fun in the moment but look back on it in 20 years and think “what the fuck was I doing.” Everyone at Carlsbad peaks in High School and will not have a life later on. People try to act ghetto even though they live in fucking Bressi Ranch. Do not send your kid here if you don’t want them to get bullied by a bunch of man childs. Also the guys here need to learn there are other hairstyles than INTENSE middle parts and maybe invest in a belt. Donovan is a great example of that.
Yo! You go to Carlsbad High School? Fuck off!
by gwackgwack9000 January 22, 2022
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A school that is as diverse as a bowl of fruit loops :)
Carlsbad high school:
We aren't a school full of rich, white surfers who aspire to be nothing
by runlolorun April 13, 2010
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An awesome school where we are not all rich white stuck up kids with fancy cars, that go surf or skate all day. We are diverse but still get along no matter our ethnicity or personality. We love to be with friends and live life. We don't care about people's beliefs or sexual orientation, we like people for who they are on the inside not just the outside. We don't all take AP classes and have parties for studying. Not everyone smokes, does weed, drinks, ditches school... Sure there are still fights, people still ditch, etc... There are still people that take lots of honors and AP classes but one day they will be living a great life and be glad that they took those classes and if you just want to make us at Carlsbad High look bad then that is fine because we are not what you say. At Carlsbad High we are proud of who we are and don't believe what people say when they just want to disparage(to put someone down) us. We aren't afraid to say what we believe in and are very proud of that. So Carlsbad, when people are making fun of you or putting you down, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS, DON'T STOP BELIEVING LANCERS!
Carlsbad High School goes through life and stands up for what they believe. (Summary of def.)
by Lancer Believer April 9, 2010
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