particular type of cough syrup & big moes favorite usually associated with the city of houston, texas
random person: big moe what u drinkin tonight?
big moe: mannn baby im trippin on that barre
by orange texas August 4, 2003
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slang in houston texas for cough syrup containing promethazine codeine ect.
i got a cup full of barre and im leanin'
by lisa marie m August 4, 2007
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Town in Vermont full of white people (mostly rednecks) that have no clue of the outside world
I can't stand the people in Barre, VT
by Kevin May 3, 2003
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The barre is a cylindrical item used for balance and warming up in ballet.
I watched the dancer warm up at the barre.
by Sierra P. K. July 24, 2005
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I just popped 4 barres.
by boom February 25, 2004
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adj., a person or an object that is very awkward or unusual in their current state or environment; a state of existence in which a person seems incapable of blending in conspicuously or acting in such a way so as to appear normal; existing in a perpetual state of being "lame"
Joe: "Jonny you're so barr!"
Jonny: "Is it that obvious?"

Joe and Jonny's friend, Andy, walks up...
inaudible noise made by Andy as he approaches "...barr, barr, barr, barr..."

Andy: "Hey guys..."
by JonnySG May 21, 2008
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An itty-bitty town in Vermont. Also known as Scary-Barre and the ghetto of central Vermont. Generally known for it's gangs, drug-dealers, scary people, and very intimidating high school sports teams.
-Dude, what took you so long to get here?
-Bro, I was just trying to avoid getting mugged on the streets of Barre. It's not my fault you live in the scariest town in Vermont.
by Vermonta April 2, 2011
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