Term defining someone who habitually travels to Guitar Shops solely to waste the time of the employees. Short for 'Time Bandit'. Asks multiple questions about the intricasies of all types of gear, often for hours on end, only to leave without purchasing anything. Tell tale signs are as follows:

Long Hair, and or strange hairstyle not seen since the 70's

Used to play in various bands, once again in the 70's

Facial hair, especially a mustache that hangs below the lower lip

Lack of daytime employment

Guitar skills are limited to pentatonic licks in E minor

Camoflauge and/or orange hunting hats

Automatic response to untagged item is 'it must be free'

Typically is coming in to obtain free knowledge that often takes years to acquire.
"I talked to a guy for 40 minutes about different types of rosewood. What a bandit!!!'
by Johnny McGuitar Store January 19, 2010
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An initiation ritual common in parts of Massachusetts, The person to be initiated is held down by two conspirators, as the 3rd man surprises the victim with a thumb up the BUM.
After receiving the full brunt of the Bandit, Little Tommy was unable to sit down for 5 days, He also developed a compulsion for keeping his back against the wall.
by Guy Incognito July 01, 2003
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(1) A pussy hog
(2) A Asshole
(3) A guy you despise, although, you are attracted highly
(4) A Boy who will steal your girlfriend
(5) A boy who'll fuck anything that walks
(6) A Bi kid
(7) A Very naughty boy
Girl2: He's such a assbandit!
Girl3: I swear he screwed my best friend!
Girl4: He's like a Drug..i know i shouldn't be with him....but i'm additced to him!
Guy: That buttfucker stole my girlfriend!
by Silver Eyes April 26, 2009
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Generally aimed in the UK towards those who annoy you and piss you off.

Also found around the world:
Spanish - "el bandito..."
French - "le bandite..."

Also in other context, "bandit" can be attached to other words eg.
Dave:"Dude, i just screwed your mum!"
Tom:"Argh...Dave, you bandit!"
by Jules May 25, 2004
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A 'Red-Eyed Bandit' is a stoner who looks really high, dopey and red eye'd from smoking chronic. ANYONE can tell that a 'red-eyed bandit' is on drug's.
"You're doing the 'Red-Eyed Bandit', you'd better not go home yet."

by Diego August 17, 2003
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