i common name for a domestic black house cat
usually spelled "midnite" the original definition of midnight is usually NOT referred to as a cat, however the misspelling of the word midnight is usually a reference to a cat of all or mostly black fur
gah! midnite just cat tagged my air mattress!

hahaha pwn't you noobrometor!
by Dus10 January 28, 2008
U83R U83R 1337 Knight at AFTP-RO
midnite, just pwned you.
by midnite July 12, 2003
'Hey, what song are you playing??'
'midnite blaze'
by whitetiger16 January 10, 2004
a place to go to find all the best oldies music.

If you want a record, go to midniteramblercollectibles.com

the midnite rambler has it all!
by rf131286 September 14, 2008
the word midnight but shortened
Go follow midnite lotus @ twitch.tv/midnitelotus!
by papiceefour March 21, 2018