An amazing british girl group from the 1980's,the 1990's and the new millenium.
It's a cruel cruel summer - Bananarama
by TheLastPopFan July 3, 2009
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When you really want to curse but instead o swearing you just say bananarama
by Jeela.Mills December 25, 2021
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An act of sexual promiscuity. Frowned upon in most cultures and religions.

When having sex, the male obtains a banana, peels it and inserts the banana into the unused orifice of the woman, usually the anus. The male then proceeds to place the banana peel over their penis before having sexual intercourse with the woman. After the male has climaxed, they take the banana out of the woman’s anus and get them to eat it.
"Hey Gregg, what did you get up to last night?"
"I just gave someone a bare bananarama!"

"I just gave a girl a bananarama then used the banana in my custard."

"I had a bananarama last night, it was dirt like."
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For a trio to wear banana costumes and aggressively murderer someone with multiple bananas whilst two other people in the trio beat the victim with crowbars then hide the body in a pile of bananas in the supermarket.

2. some dude: Yo guys yall wanna commit bananarama

3. a Judge: you have been charged for bananarama... (later) are GUILTY, you have been sentenced to 25 years in prison.
by Carlito_Guy on YT March 18, 2022
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when you slide a banana up your girls ass and begin to peel and ingest it
Friend 1: yo I just bananarama’d my girl last night

Friend 2: why am I at this funeral
by big chonker March 1, 2020
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the act of rammin a banana up a pussy so hard it makes it bleed
calling the help line and asking if bleeding from your vagina because of a banana is normal
by Amanda February 11, 2005
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When there is a sale including random/many items that can be varying from anything like; food, clothes, bikes, school supplies, games, electronics, and many more. They are mostly garage sales.
Did you hear about that bananarama they have down the street? Awesome! I got my skateboard and duvet from there!
Really? I got my favorite pokemon squishies from there!
by AdnilG March 9, 2017
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