Where the guy deep throats your dildo while you put cherries up his ass and fuck him with a frozen banana. Later he will take a shit seeing the cherries and banana.
He saw the after math in the toilet from the dirty banana split.
by dixandducks3151 June 22, 2021
A picture of the head of Gundham Tanaka from the game "Danganronpa V2: Goodbye Despair" on a banana. It then lead to a odd cult that lasted 2 days.
"yoooo! It's Gundham banana! Let's start a cult with this guy!"
by Jeef The Dumbass May 16, 2022
- What do you think about Chad?

- Bro! That guy’s such a tart banana. The other day he gave me free weed, but it was all seed and stem man!!
by Megsicana July 10, 2020
To have done it all at this point you are a holy being who shall forever be a god the only way to lose banana souls is to stop tweeting BANANA SOULE and then linking alpharad deluxe channel at least once a day
Yo bro I just heard Ellie just told everyone the easy steps to obtaining banana soule!
by Fire_wall876 November 16, 2021
kids who eat bananas are kids who consume a fruit named bananas.
Woman: are you kid who eat bananas?
Kid: yes
Woman: So that makes you kids who eat bananas?
Kid: Yes i eat bananas
by hello mate i am joNathaN February 19, 2021
A person who loves to dress up in a banana costume then seductively peel themselves down to arouse on lookers. They often love to eat banana's also, sometimes spread with peanut butter.
"damn that annabelle is such a banana striper, i could watch her eat banana's all dayyyy longggg."
-aroused on looker.
by nottara November 18, 2010