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Balts are speakers of one of the Baltic languages.
Don't confuse Latvians and Lithuanians with Russians, since Balts are not related to them - be it ethnically or culturally, and most of the younger generations don't even understand Cyrillic.
by Baltic Potato August 07, 2010
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Acronym for 'Back After a Long Time'. Used primarily in chat programs, such as IRC, ICQ, AIM, etc.
Person 1: can't talk now. balt.
Person 2: ok
by nnivanov June 06, 2009
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much like in the situation where you would say "balls" you can instead replace this word with "balt". Often shouted by the Southern British in an nightclub where the girl they are trying to get with rejects them or an unbelievable fuck up has occurred.
Aaaaaaaaaaah, BALT. She's gone and got with him.

BALT, the we've missed the train.
by ZeroCouch April 24, 2006
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Bad ass linguistics term to be used in the place of other obscenities.
"I'd tap that BALT"

"Dude, that car is the BALT"

"What the BALT?!?"
by LLLogan November 19, 2009
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A name used by gay men to describe a man with a resemblance to a very short and stubby penis.
That guy sure is a Balt!
by Gatorader February 12, 2010
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